CyberCop Plans To Solve

Technology exposes companies to cyber threats. Cyber threats can impact any organization regardless of size or industry, and cause disruption to business operations impacting service levels and resulting in unplanned expenses. Traditional approaches to security focused on protecting the perimeter are proving to be insufficient. This is now a Business Issue that requires a comprehensive approach.

Why It's Hard To Solve ?

  • The threat of cyber-attacks hasn’t received the attention it deserves from top management
  • Shortage of skilled security resources
  • High cost of cyber security services
  • More sophisticated and targeted attacks
  • Growth in cybercrime as a service
  • Time lag between a breach occurring and detection (210 days)

Our Solutions

CyberCop is a Cyber Security services company that provide support in building cyber security into organization’s operations in order to reduce their overall exposure to cyber risk.

Our services include:

  • Plan & implement cyber security best practices tailored to organizations.
  • Train employees on proper security practices.
  • Help select & implement the right security tools.
  • Monitor real time the flow and activity in organization’s networks, security devices & endpoints.
  • Assist in responding to cyber-attacks

Our Services The company operates offices in Toronto, Canada & Colombo, Sri Lanka


Managed Detection & Response Services (MDR)

MDR includes threat intelligence, threat hunting, detection, security monitoring (24*7*365), incident analysis and incident response.


Management of Security Solutions

CyberCop works with Organisations to manage their Security Devices to ensure the investment in security devices are fully utilized.


Consultancy Services

Assist in developing Cyber Security Roadmaps, Security Assessments, augment existing Cyber Security Teams or Retain us as your Cyber Security Advisor.

Why CyberCop ?

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We charge a fair and affordable price

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Easy to Get

No long-term contract & onboarding of new clients in a matter of weeks

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One Stop Shop for
all requirements

We have the expertise and depth to provide any information security solutions

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Fully loaded ‘Base Service’ for MDR

Detection & monitoring service by highly skilled Cyber Incident team

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CyberCop is fully customizable to suit any industry and organisation

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Dedicated Security Advisor

Provide a dedicated Security Advisor to ensure the service remains fit

Take Back Control With CyberCop